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Cookies' policy

By this cookie policy we specify the use of cookies in the website SPARTANBITS.com, what kind of cookies do we store, with what purpose, and we give a brief explanation about what a cookie is. Remember that if you want to disable cookies, in this website or in all of them, you can enter your browser settings and disable them at any moment.

what is a cookie

A cookie does not represent any threat to your computer security, it is a technology that enables us to store persistent information in the context of our website.

what stores a cookie

A cookie can store information to keep track of unique users, or, in case a website has login and registration features, to know when a user is logged in from their account. Cookies can store any kind of information being useful for technical reasons and might be the only way to develop some functionalities.

how do we use cookies

We only use cookies to get site usage statistics in SPARTANBITS.com. Thanks to this we can keep improving this website depending on user behavior.

Cookies used in this website
Google analytics (_ga)

This is a Google, Inc. cookie, used for the Google Analytics service. Its purpose is to keep track of users within our website, so we know how they navigate, how much time they stay in our site, what are the main locations they connect from, etc. It's important to put stress on the fact that this tracking is completely anonymous, we don't have access to any private information that could identify the user as a particular person, but just as a unique user connected from a particular geographic point.

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