Adobe Stock Blade


An interactive blade to recommend Adobe Stock subscription plans

The details

Adobe needed to ease the subscription plan selection for Adobe Stock potential clients. They thought the best way to do so was by including an interactive blade in their website. The challenge was not only to design the blade itself, but to classify all their (fairly complex) subscription plans to create a recommendation system with just a few simple questions. The resulting recommendations should be somehow elastic, being able to suggest a second option in some scenarios. Graphic design by Relajaelcoco, UI design by Deivid Sáenz. We were in charge of digesting all the plans' data to build the recommendation algorithm, and collaborating in general product design with Relajaelcoco. We should highlight the initial screen's interactive mesh and the fluid effect in question's selectors. Don't forget to try the module out, just above this text.



UI Design

Deivid Sáenz

Graphic Design


Adobe Stock Blade cover image
Adobe Stock Blade cover image
Adobe Stock Blade cover image

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